Available Reports:

Apartment History
Cash Receipts Journal
Charges Compared by Month
COOP Shareholders Report
COOP/Condo Receipts Journal
DHCR Registrations
Form 1098
Mailing Labels
Late Payment Reports
Lease Expiration Reports
Legal Tracking Report
Monthly Billing Summary
3 Different Rent Rolls
Recurring Rent History Report
Tenant List by Apartment Number Order
Tenant Security on Deposit
Vacancy Report
Vacated Apartments Report
Work Order Tracking Report

Letters to Tenants:

Bad Check Letter
Illegal Washing Machine
Illegal Drug Activity
Late Notice
Lease Generator
Lease Renewal Letter
Lease Extension Agreement
New Appliance Letter
No Access to Apartment Letter
Notice to Cure
Owner's Request for Mediation
Recertification Letter
Tenant Caused Violation
Termination for Non-Payment
Window Guard Letter
Smoke Detection Letter
Write Your Own Letters To Tenants

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